6. What happens when I lose a back tooth?

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If a back tooth is lost, it can have a significant affect on one’s appearance. Teeth shift when the missing tooth is no longer there to support the others, creating changes in your bite. A sinking or puckering may also become obvious between cheeks and mouth, and lips may look thinner and straighter. There are many options for replacement; bridges, implants, or partials may be a good option. A bridge can be used to keep the teeth functioning properly and maintain their stability or implants may be the treatment of choice. Talk with us about what option will work best for you.

Bone loss in the jaw will always follow the loss of a tooth and can cause facial changes, speech changes and diet changes. Successfully placed dental implants cause the bone to grow around the anchor and firmly hold it in place. Dental implants can restore normal eating and speaking abilities, increase denture retention and enhance facial appearance.

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